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Of the online sales channels, marketplaces are growing the fastest. The influx is mainly due to novice sellers. The Internet is replete with success stories of almost schoolchildren making millions of dollars on Ozon, Wildberries and other sites. They are attracted by the conditions: you don’t need a website, a payment system, advertising costs, even the storage and delivery of goods can be covered by the marketplace.


But is everything so simple? After all, about 90% of novice sellers quit trading in the first months. In this article, we analyze all the important questions before the start of sales - which product is better to sell, which platform to choose, what mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them. On marketplaces, it is important to monitor inventory, process orders on time and control profits so as not to get fined or blocked. MySklad is suitable for this - automatically update balances and prices, print barcode labels, control deliveries on the way, see real profits, predict stocks to know exactly when and what product to buy.